Marmaris is a port city of Muğla province intersects at the point where the Aegean and Mediterranean coast of southwestern Turkey. Marmaris welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists every year with its natural beauties, long coastline, magnificent views of the pine-covered hills, virgin bays, unique beaches, ancient cities, yacht marinas and all kinds of activities. Marmaris is also one of the important centers of yacht tourism and blue voyage. Turkey's largest marina, Marmaris Yacht Marina, has a significant value for tourism. There are also regular ferries to Rhodes from here. As well as being a very convenient natural harbor for yachts in the Mediterranean, yachts can be manufactured and maintained in the workshops of Yalancı Boğaz. It’ history goes back to 2000 BC. The material found in the excavation work done in the Nimara Cave in Bedir Island in 2007 confirms this. The name of the region Karia is also referred to as the country of the latter. The fertility of the coasts of Aegean and Mediterranean, have made the region always attractive. The city is the most important bridge between Rhodes and the Aegean Islands. Thus, Marmaris has become a place where many civilizations have dominated over time. One can see the signs of Karia, Rhodes and island civilizations, Egypt, Assyrian, Ionian, Persian, Macedonian, Syrian, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations in the region. Fiskos is the first name of the city. Today the remains can be seen at Asartepe.

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